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" This is a great trip for the hard-core angler who likes to fish early and fish hard. "

Frommers Guides

" I learned a lot from Julian, even though I didn't fish with him.  He has tied the best looking permit flies I have ever seen.  Jim Brewer, who was a good friend who died in a plane crash looking for tarpon, would have salivated over the flies Julian has invented.  Jim was considered the number one fly rod guide in the Florida Keys for many years.  He loved permit fishing and was continually tying permit flies.  I don't remember any of his that would have come close to what Julian ties. J&L King, OK


" Over the past 21 years it has been my pleasure to fish with Julian.  During this time he has shown great patience and skill in instructing two of my sons (me too!) in the art of fly-fishing.


To complete the family cycle I have introduced my grandson and granddaughter to Belize, so I now have no shortage of fishing pals to share my annual 2 week visit. 


During these many years with Julian, he has demonstrated not only a knowledge of where the fish are, but how to catch them, in all types of conditions. Based on my own personal experience, it also important to note that Julian is not only hardworking and resourceful, but also a great cook and medic. "

D. Moen, CA


" The infamous pirate Cabral that hid out in Placencia during the 1600s was probably responsible for the large clan of Cabrals who live in Placencia Village.  At least 4 are fishing guides, and Julian is the mentor.


I have fished the Belizean waters once or twice a year every year since 1986.  Thirteen times Julian has guided my wife and I.  He is an excellent fly fisherman, boat handler and no one works harder. There are hundreds of flats and cayes but only so many are habitat for permit, bone fish and tarpon.  Julian knows them all and considering the tides, wind velocity and direction can locate the right area to fish. 


Skillfully poling the boat or wading the sand flats Julian is able 9 out of 10 times to spot the elusive fish before his client.  My thrill is wading close to the fish, and without spooking it with the fly line, present a fly that the fish takes and powerfully runs with.


Fishing with Julian is enhanced by staying at his caye 8 miles off the coast of Placencia.  The location allows early dawn fishing and fishing local flats and cayes in weather that  keeps other guides from leaving Placencia.


I t is a marvelous experience staying at Whipray Caye Lodge, cared for by Julian and his lovely, friendly wife Beverly, enjoying very good food, trade winds and snorkeling and fishing around their caye. " 

R. & C. Belt, CA



Julian and 'Chumpy' with permit

Albert with tarpon

Greg patiently working the line

Julian spotting tails

First-timer Don with permit

'Whipray', captained by Julian Cabral, heading home

Steve and Julian with tarpon

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