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Carrying on a family operation means walking in some pretty big shoes. Whipray Caye had been a vacation home to the Cabral family for over 30 years, a fishing camp operated solo by Julian off and on for over 15 years, and finally, after Hurricane Iris leveled the caye in 2001 and destroyed much of the mangroves and vegetation and ALL of the buildings, Julian and his soon-to-be wife Beverly decided to take over the family lease and start over. What a way to start a marriage!


They began rebuilding the first cabana after many months of clearing away the hurricane debris with helping hands from friends and family. When the first cabana was livable, Julian and Beverly moved in and greeted their first fishing guests who also happened to be dear friends who have returned to Julian year after year for the last 15 years. They officially opened as a fully operational lodge in December 2002, and married in January 2003.


Julian began his fishing career when he was a young man of 6 years old, traveling out in fishing dories with his dad George, and later with some of the ‘older heads’ in the fishing village, doing commercial fishing and learning the art of cooking for the crews while camping on various cayes, coming in to sell their catch and renew the ice supplies, and heading right back out again for more of the same.


When fly-fishing was starting to catch on as a tourist attraction, Julian trained himself through experienced visitors from the fly-fishing areas of the states, fishing and camping with them for weeks or months at a time. The skills he picked up from them: casting and tying his own flies, led to a full-fledged career that he carries with him to this day.


During this time he also supplemented his beer money by working for various resorts as a snorkeling and diving guide, a bartender, cook, house and boat builder and engine mechanic, electrician and general do-it-yourselfer. He also spent nearly 2 years working as chief engineer on a commercial fishing boat in Bermuda. As a tour guide he met Beverly and her sons on one of their many trips to Placencia, and especially endeared himself to her when he treated her (successfully!) after she stepped on a Scorpion fish while snorkeling at the Silk Cayes.


Today Whipray Caye, Julian and Beverly are known and represented in the quickly growing international fly-fishing market by various agents. They are also active in coral and reef conservation under the guidelines of ICRAN and the Mesoamerican Reef Alliance, partially funded by WWF and the UN Foundation. The Mesoamerican Reef Alliance project has been awarded 'Best Environmental Initiative 2005' by Scuba Diving Magazine

From the Travel + Leisure website featuring 12 Affordable Private Island Resorts: "While this three-acre, palm-covered island 11 miles from mainland Belize attracts hard-core anglers seeking tarpon, bonefish, yellowtail, barracuda, and king mackerel, it also pulls in visitors who just want to swing in a hammock, read mystery novels, play darts, or relax in the thatched-roof bar. "

Also, from Forbes Traveler website featuring 10 Unplugged Vacations: "Nine miles off the coast of the Placencia, a fishing village in southern Belize that's becoming a popular vacation destination, the Whipray Caye Lodge attracts anglers who want to forget their lives back home—at least for a few days. Though this private island hideaway caters to a high-end clientele, the lodge is non-wired by design. "Guests come in at the end of the day, have dinner and talk about—fish," says Beverly Cabral who co-owns the lodge with her husband Julian, a noted angler. It doesn't take long for guests to get in the groove. "Everyone gets on 'caye time' very quickly: They're up just before dawn… fish all day, eat dinner and go to bed usually well before 9 p.m."

Finally, no one leaves Whipray without talking about the heart-stopping shots at the permit, tarpon and bonefish during a day out with Julian, and the incredible seafood dishes served family-style in the evening, sometimes cooked up by Julian, and all part of the Whipray Caye experience. It is truly “Paradise Surrounded by Fish”!


The rest of the story is up to you.


a frigate-bird's view of Whipray

a frigate-bird's view of whipray

Julian doing what he loves best

julian doing what he loves best

Julian and Beverly serving guests

julian and beverly serving guests

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our first kitchen after Iris

our first kitchen after hurricane Iris

Before thatch

thatch arriving for our new kitchen

Whipray Caye Lodge: Cabanas (Facing South)cabana view

julian's mother: hortense 'tensy' cabral

(10 boys, 4 girls!!)

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